Advanced Electrolysis in Athens, Georgia provides permanent hair removal. Electrologist, Judy Garland was certified by the AEA (certification #010031) 1994. (706)546-4464   
Does electrolysis provide permanent results?
Electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA and the AMA for achieving permanent hair removal. The science of electrology has been in place for over a century with proven permanent results.
What measures are taken to ensure safety?

Advanced Electrolysis uses only pre-sterilized, single-use probes and disposable gloves. Other tools are sterilized using medical level equipment and procedures.

Medical professionals who are clients have commented favorably on the aseptic techniques practiced at Advanced Electrolysis.

What areas can be treated?

Nearly all areas of the body can be treated. The most popular areas requested are the upper lip, eyebrows, face, arms, under arms, bikini area and men's backs and outer ears.

Electrolysis should not be performed on the inside of the ears or nose and a dermatologist should be consulted before removing hair from moles.

Why should I choose electrolysis versus other options?

Methods such as waxing, tweezing and depilatory creams can actually stimulate hair growth. When a hair root is pulled at or tugged for removal, blood is rushed to that area and nourishes the hair follicle. These methods can also result in ingrown hairs.

Is electrolysis more expensive than other methods of hair removal?

Laser treatments can start at $150 for a small area like the upper lip. When you factor in repeat laser treatments, electrolysis becomes even more cost effective. Electrolysis produces permanent hair removal so you save time and money by not having to return to treat the same area again and again once it is cleared through electrolysis.

Advanced Electrolysis rates: $1 per minute with a $20 minimum or $60 for a full hour.

Is electrolysis uncomfortable?

It is impossible to destroy hair growth tissue without sensation because each hair follicle is surrounded by its own network of nerve endings. The sensation, which may be felt, is assurance that destructive activity is taking place. Numbing creams may be used to reduce discomfort when treating sensitive areas.

Do men use electrolysis?

Advanced Electrolysis has many male clients. The privacy of the treatment room and waiting room is reassuring for men. Areas most frequently requested by men include the hairline, bridge of nose, eyebrows, back and shoulders and the chest.

Electrolysis can also be used to treat ingrown hairs.




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