Advanced Electrolysis in Athens, Georgia provides permanent hair removal. Electrologist, Judy Garland was certified by the AEA (certification #010031) 1994. (706)546-4464   
Why electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the ONLY method approved by the FDA and the AMA for achieving "permanent hair removal."

The science of electrology has been in place for over a century with proven permanent results documented in hundreds of scientific articles .

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal option for those with red, blond, gray or white hair.

Other hair removal treatments like waxing, threading, and laser treatments are not permanent. These methods leave you returning again and again for additional costly treatments with only temporary results.

While some proponents of laser treatments will claim permanent results, the FDA does not back these claims.

Why Advanced Electrolysis?

Electrologist Judy Garland was certified the AEA (American Electrology Association)in 1994 and has been practicing electrolysis for over18 years.

Referrals by respected dermatologists and satisfied clients make up a large percentage of Judy's business.

Successful hair removal through electrolysis depends on the skill of the electrologist. Finding a licensed, reputable and experienced elecrologist is crucial to successful permanent hair removal. Advanced Electrolysis meets all of these criteria as indicated in client testimonials.

Judy Garland is known for her professionalism and is sought out by medical professionals for her extensive knowledge and high standards of sanitation. Pre-sterilized, single-use disposable probes and disposable gloves are used for each client. Medical level procedures and equipment are used to sterilize all other tools.

Advanced Electrolysis provides a comfortable waiting room and treatment room where clients can enjoy a private environment.


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