Advanced Electrolysis in Athens, Georgia provides permanent hair removal. Electrologist, Judy Garland was certified by the AEA (certification #010031) 1994. (706)546-4464   
Comments from Advanced Electrolysis clients:

Judy Garland is extremely knowledgeable about hair growth and the permanent removal of hair through electrolysis. After having little success with electrolysis at other places, I came to Judy as my last hope. She was able to complete areas that had never been clear and we are now working on new areas. Having someone who is as good as Judy at electrolysis makes all the difference, not only from a hair removal standpoint but also from a time and financial standpoint. I could not be any happier with my results since going to Advanced Electrolysis. -- P.L., PharmD, Athens, GA

I am a professional businessman were looks are important. By removing some hair from my neck and eyebrows it gave me a neat and trim look. It also gave me a younger appearance and I was pleased with the results. Judy is very experienced in her work and I trust her skill and recommendations. More men should consider electrolysis.  -- G.A.

After having work done on my upper lip several years ago, I returned to have my forearms, hands and fingers done. Judy is wonderful! I am so excited to have found a permanent hair removal solution!   -- C.J.

As a nurse, I appreciate Ms. Garland's professionalism, especially her aseptic [sterile] technique. She is a fountain of knowledge regarding her craft. Thanks Judy for ridding me of annoying facial hair problem in minimum of time and discomfort. -- J.D., Registered Nurse

I felt a bond with Judy the first time I called her on the phone to check prices. I could immediately tell that I didn't need to try any of the other listings in the phone book. We just connected. It was clear to me that she was competent and caring because she took the time to explain everything that I needed to know about the process of electrolysis (and she has done so repeatedly...she never yells at me for asking the same questions over and over).

That was probably four years ago. I've returned to Judy's place many times since then, and she's never disappointed me. I call her my "electroshock therapist," because not only do I get electrolysis, but I also get a friendly ear and honest advice. You don't have to talk while Judy works on you , but she certainly doesn't mind if you do! Heck, she probably knows as much about me as some of my best friends, and I can always count on her to give it to me straight. (She doesn't even charge what a therapist does, but she's worth.)

I could write pages about Judy, but to sum up my experiences with her, I will just say that she does fantastic work. Every time I leave her place, I feel better and look better than when I came in. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to other people. In fact, I have brought a number of clients to her who have been as pleased with her work as I am, including my 72-year-old mother. And if Judy is good enough for my mother, she's good enough for anyone! --Chad G.

Dear Judy,

I want to tell you how special your expertise has been for me. After years of trying several electrologists who made no progress toward removing hair on my face, I was almost ready to give up. Then laser hair removal arrived in Athens. Feeling sure that my doctor's office would not offer the service if it didn't work, I jumped right in for lots of treatments and spent lots of money on the laser process. Still no improvement and no hair removed from my face.

I had given up, expecting to have facial hair forever. And hating to think about my appearance and how tweezing was making my skin look really bad. Fortunately I'm not totally pessimistic and made the call to you, challenging you to remove that "impossible" hair.

You told me you could get rid of the hair and you did. Plain and simple. My skin is great now. No more facial hair and no more of those ugly pluck marks from tweezing, tweezing, tweezing every day.

I still don't know how you could do what no one else could no to remove my facial hair. But I'm thankful for your ability to get rid of that hair so I can feel better about my appearance. You're super! -- Ruth B, Athens, GA

Before being introduced to Advanced Electrolysis, I thought that I would never be able to wear a bathing suit due to a condition called HS. HS is short for Hidradenitis a chronic disease of the apocrine sweat glands which causes chronic scarring and perforation of the axillae and groin areas. I had endured multiple operations to remove the cyst as well as rounds of antibiotics to combat this condition with no avail. I was even told by one dermatologist that skin grafting was the only option left for me. It was a true blessing when my mother introduced me to Judy Garland the owner of Advanced Electrolysis my sophomore year of college. She educated herself on my disease and took it upon herself to help me overcome this embarrassing disease. I now no longer have to fear wearing a bathing suit or have to endure surgery. Through electrolysis my sweat glands were destroyed as well as hair growth and I have no HS where electrolysis has been performed. Advanced Electrolysis changed my life. --E.H., Augusta, GA

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